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     The Warton Economic Institute (WEI), formerly known as the Shanghai Institute of Economic Development, which was established in 1988, is the first in China to provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to macroeconomic, regional economy and enterprise development. Sexual research advisory body, is the famous economic think tank. Over the past two decades, the Institute has planned and contributed to a series of major projects related to national strategy, regional development and business growth, and made outstanding contributions to promoting China's economic reform and development.
       In April 1988, in the original Shanghai Mayor Wang Daohan comrades care and support, after the approval of the Shanghai municipal government leadership, the Shanghai Economic Development Institute was formally established, Shen Han Yao any director. Shanghai Economic Development Institute in 2003 changed its name to the Dayton Economic Research Institute, at the same time registered the establishment of Shanghai Huatun economic management consulting firm.
Many well-known experts and scholars have served as the leadership of the hospital, the Chinese economics manager in the light of Mr. Yuanyuan former honorary president of the Institute, the former mayor of Shanghai Mr. Wang Daohan, Nobel Prize winner Merton Miller (Merton Miller) Mr. was a consultant at the Institute. Well-known economist, former deputy director of the National Commission for Restructuring the country Mr. Gao Shangquan current research institute consultant, Sun Yefang economics award winner Mr. Shen Han Yao as president.
       Since its establishment, the Institute is mainly engaged in economic research, management consulting, forum services and other fields, has presided over the completion of various topics, research reports hundreds, with a number of national governments, well-known research institutions, famous enterprises, local governments, industry associations And so maintain close cooperation.
       The Institute has completed a number of major issues related to the national strategy, submitted hundreds of research reports to the party and state leaders, published more than 100 academic papers, and repeatedly received Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Zhu Rongji, Yu Zhengsheng, Li Yuanchao and so on Party and state leaders of the important instructions, which on China's labor and employment research (the first proposed "hidden unemployment" concept, and won the Sun Yefang economics award), Pudong Development and Hangzhou Bay Development Research, China's securities market research, China's futures market research , Hongqiao development research, foreign exchange reserve strategy research, Shanghai Branch Center research, Chuzhou Kechuang City research and other issues have a wide and far-reaching impact on China.
       The Institute also provides consulting services for a number of regional governments and enterprises, including Jiangsu Green Industry Development Plan, Shanghai New Energy Industry Planning, Suzhou Textile Industry Development Strategic Planning, Baosteel Group Non Steel Industry Development Plan, China Eastern Airlines Group Merger and Reorganization Strategy, China Gold Group international strategy, and has been a number of local governments, enterprises hired as consultants. The Institute has also established planning and consulting services for international well-known companies such as JPMorgan Chase, McKinsey, Japan's Mori Foundation, Allianz Union, Indonesia's Sinochem Group and Hong Kong Li Ka Shing Foundation.
       The institute also founded and presided over a series of high-level economic forums at home and abroad, such as the China-Malaysia Summit, premier prime ministers, senior government officials, well-known experts and scholars, and modern market economic forums attended by entrepreneurs The In addition, since 2001 has also been held in succession held the 16th China listed companies hundred peak forum, hosted in 2015 hosted the two hundred cities in China comprehensive development forum. Is now working with the United States, Australia, Germany and other countries to jointly prepare the Sino-US Economic Cooperation Forum, the China-Australia Economic Summit Forum, China and Germany 100 Industrial Development Summit Forum and other high-end meetings.