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Zhu Cheng: innovation and development of the initiative to win the future

Release Date:2017-03-15

Chuzhou Municipal Committee, executive vice mayor at the forum made a speech entitled "innovation and development of the activation, the city to win the future" keynote speech.
Zhu Cheng pointed out that as a member of the Yangtze River Delta city group, Nanjing metropolitan area and Hefei metropolitan area "double circle" city, the Yangtze River economic zone important members, in recent years, Chuzhou actively play the location, resources and environmental advantages, in-depth implementation of innovation-driven development strategy , With scientific and technological innovation as the core to promote comprehensive innovation, innovation capacity was significantly enhanced to promote the rapid economic development. "Thirteen Five" period, Chuzhou science and technology innovation will be placed in the city's overall development of the core position, in four areas of focus, to stimulate the development of a dynamic, and people of insight win-win future.
First, around the key link, strengthen the supply of innovation. In accordance with the front focus, intermediate collaboration, back-end application of ideas, clear the main direction, focus on promoting key areas and key aspects of innovation to achieve a breakthrough. Implement major scientific and technological research, strengthen the construction of science and technology platform, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
Second, cultivate the main innovation, improve the innovation system. Chuzhou will accelerate the construction of enterprises as the mainstay of the technological innovation system, enhance the momentum and vitality of various types of innovation, to accelerate the formation of collaborative and efficient innovation pattern.
Third, deepen the reform of the system, enhance the vitality of innovation. Chuzhou will accelerate the pace of technological and technological reform, the formation of a vibrant science and technology management and operation mechanism, the maximum release of innovation and vitality. First, innovation and technology management mechanism. Second, innovation and technology resources allocation mechanism. Third, innovation and technology cooperation mechanism.
Fourth, adhere to the talent priority, strengthen the innovation team. In recent years, Chuzhou put science and technology talent in the position of the highest priority of scientific and technological innovation, Daxing knowledge only talented people only with the wind, in the practice of innovation found talent, training activities in the training of talent, in the cause of innovation in the pool of talent, To create a good environment for the development of science and technology talent, to encourage them to strive for innovation as the promoters, practitioners and leaders.