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Yu Jingdong: to promote the development of large data to create intelligent international port

Release Date:2017-03-15

Lanzhou City, vice mayor of the city, the city party secretary of the party secretary Yu Jingdong at the forum entitled "to promote the development of large data, to create a smart international port" keynote speech.
Yu Jingdong pointed out that the self-study of the general secretary of the recent "secretary of the road" initiative, Lanzhou City to seize the "one way all the way" strategy and the construction of "Silk Road Economic Zone Gansu Golden Section" important node city a major opportunity to create an international railway transport, International logistics, international trade, export processing as the core function of the port port - Lanzhou International Port Area, the strategic traffic corridor into a logistics, economic, cultural, economic and trade cooperation channel, forming for Central Europe, Central Asia, South Asia trade logistics hub , An important industry and cultural exchange base.
Yu Jingdong introduction, Lanzhou International Port Area will focus on the following aspects of work.
First, focus on "open development", the establishment of three major international trade channel. And strive to expand the opening to the west, to build the Lanzhou railway ports and regulatory areas as the core, strengthen international trade cooperation and exchange, the establishment of overseas supervision sites, to achieve the Central Europe, Central Asia, South Asia International cargo classes in Lanzhou International Port area centralized shipping, Group distribution, distribution and transportation of the country to the west of exports of goods, efforts to build China and the EU, Central Asia, South Asia three major international trade channel. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port and other coastal ports, Xinjiang Horgos, Tibet Jilong and other border ports and the Netherlands and other international ports in Rotterdam, and actively expand the vast overseas market overseas.
Second, focus on "joint linkage" to create a multimodal transport demonstration base. To Lanzhou International Port Area multimodal transport demonstration project as a platform, focusing on the construction of logistics channel infrastructure, multimodal transport facilities, intelligent loading and unloading and transport tools, information platform interoperability, cross-border electricity business experimental area, intermodal integration services Enhance the multimodal transport service standard system and other seven major support projects, to build "organization and coordination, smooth convergence, convenient and efficient, energy saving, fair and orderly, mutually beneficial and win-win" multimodal transport service system, comprehensively enhance the Lanzhou International Port Area The overall effectiveness of transport services and transport support capabilities.
Third, focus on "wisdom and wisdom" to create first-class wisdom of international port. The Hong Kong Logistics Information Center focuses on the construction of large data centers, intelligent port multimodal transport platform, e-commerce platform, electronic port platform, government service management platform, through the Internet of Things, sensor network, cloud computing, decision analysis and optimization technology And international ports, customs and other departments of the national information interoperability, west to achieve marshalling, east to achieve transfer distribution, to create a "joint go west, set in Lanzhou," the first-class wisdom of international port.