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Fan Hengshan: the core of regional strategies and policies is to solve the problem of classification guidance

Release Date:2017-03-15

Fan Hengshan, deputy secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission, gave a keynote speech entitled "The basic idea of the coordinated development of the" 13th Five-Year Plan ". Fan Hengshan pointed out that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the focus of regional policy is to focus on solving bottleneck areas to speed up development issues, and further play a major platform to support and promote the role of vigorously promote urban and rural areas, and strive to promote regional open cooperation, Way and so on.
"13th Five-Year" period is fully built a moderately prosperous society, to achieve the critical period of modernization. In this process, regional strategies and regional policies will play a very important role. Fan Hengshan that the regional strategy and policy to play a role, the core is to solve the problem of classification guidance. The effect of classification guidance is to study, clarify and understand the resource endowments and development potential of each region, use different policies to stimulate its comparative advantage, play its potential, and then through the dynamic development of various regions to achieve the overall development of the country.
Fan Hengshan pointed out that these years the vitality of China's economic development to a large extent from the vitality of regional economic development, from the guidance of the vitality of classification. "13th Five-Year Plan", in the central promotion of regional coordinated development of the general idea of the guidance, according to the classification of guiding principles, we must focus on solving five aspects of the problem.
The first question, focus on solving bottlenecks to speed up the development of the problem. Mainly related to the following categories, the first is to promote poverty-stricken areas out of poverty, the path is "five batches." The second category is to solve the new situation in some areas only rebound in the problem, which is the focus of the next step in the Northeast, the efforts of the Northeast economy to stabilize the good is not a big problem. The third category is to promote the transformation of a number of special areas, including resource-exhausted cities, industrial recession areas. The fourth category is to promote county economic development. County economy is the foundation, the county economy is the regional economic Xing, regional economy Xing is the national economy Xing
The second issue, to further play a major platform to support and lead the role. Fan Hengshan that the development of China's economy over the years, to a large extent with us to create a number of commitment to reform and development and modernization pilot demonstration platform and the carrier, such as the former sea free trade area, Pingtan Free Trade Area, Lanzhou New District and so on. "13th Five-Year" period to expand these platforms, and further enhance the function, to solve the homogenization problem, enhance the first pilot role, making it an important support for economic development.
The third question, vigorously promote urban and rural co - ordination. Urban and rural areas is an important task and path to promote regional coordinated development. During the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the following issues will be solved: First, we will play a role in promoting the integration of rural enterprises , To promote rural modernization. Second, the positive development of the characteristics of cities and towns as the fulcrum of urban support role, and promote urban and rural integration. Special attention to the characteristics of urban construction. Third, the reform of household registration system and so all is not conducive to the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, to promote the transfer of rural population to the town, agricultural modernization, rural areas closer to the city.
The fourth issue, focus on promoting regional open cooperation. Regional open cooperation is in fact a wider range of complementary advantages, in a wider range of allocation of resources, in a wider range to solve the problem of development obstacles. "Thirteen five" period, but also the regional opening and development on an important position.
The fifth question, to expand and improve the way to help. The next step to continue to strengthen and improve the way to help counterparts, to strengthen the transport of talent, technology transfer, industrial transfer, capital investment and other means to promote blood transfusion to hematopoietic type of help change, at the same time, focus on achieving sustainable help, step by step Change the form of blindly grant, explore the effective path, the help of the establishment of the co-ordination of resources in the allocation of resources on the basis of sharing.
Fan Hengshan finally pointed out that the "three five" during the promotion of regional coordinated development, the task will be heavy, but the highlights will be a lot.