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Shen Han Yao: focus on innovation, city and city linkage, to revitalize the Chinese economy to make greater contributions

Release Date:2017-03-16

From 2001 to 2016, from the focus on top 100 enterprises to push the double hundred linkage, the Dayton Economic Research Institute (formerly Shanghai Economic Development Institute) joint relevant institutions, held 16 consecutive "China's top 100 listed companies Summit Forum" And two "China hundred cities comprehensive development forum", is committed to building a hundred enterprises, entrepreneurs and hundreds of enterprises and hundreds of cities between the communication and cooperation channels and platforms. Forum and Research Institute uphold the service of the top 100 enterprises "bigger and stronger", to serve the top 100 cities, "stronger and excellent, comprehensive development" concept, the top 100 enterprises and 100 cities, has planned and contributed to a series The major projects related to national strategy, regional development and enterprise growth have made unique contributions to enhancing the overall competitiveness of Chinese listed companies, promoting the comprehensive development of Chinese cities and promoting China's economic reform and development.
       At present, China's entry into the new normal development period, the economic downward pressure is still great, one of the urgent tasks facing the national economy is to revive the economy, which need to find a new kinetic energy and way. Top 100 corporate profits accounted for 97% of the total profits of all listed companies, 100 cities GDP accounted for 72% of the total GDP, the revitalization of the economy "double hundred" duty-bound. To this end, the forum vigorously promote the top 100 cities and 100 enterprises linkage development, to scientific and technological innovation as the guide to the top 100 enterprises as the "main force" to the hundred cities as the "main battlefield", gather hundreds of enterprise resources into the city economy Development, in order to drive the overall economic revitalization.
       First, the top 100 enterprises: bigger and stronger, so to revive the main force of China's economy
       At the beginning of this century, by the United States, "Fortune 500" big business list, many people suggested that Chinese enterprises should expand the scale as soon as possible, through restructuring and merger, etc. "bigger" to be among the "Fortune 500" list. But the honorary dean of the Chinese economics, the honorary president of the Washington Institute of Economic Research, Mr. Yu Guangyuan, president of the China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Association, former director of the National Commission for Reconstruction, Mr. Gao Shangquan and I agreed that the Chinese enterprises is imperative To do "strong", to optimize the quality of assets, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, should not simply pursue the scale of expansion.
Under the guidance of this idea, since 2001, the Dayton Economic Research Institute according to the profit as the core of the CBT100 index system, for 16 consecutive years launched the "Top 100 listed companies in China", held "China's top 100 listed companies Summit Forum" The With the expansion of the overall size of listed companies and the improvement of performance, "hundred list" list of the number of enterprises from the initial 100 expanded to 500, the scope of the mainland from the mainland enterprises to expand to China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) Listed companies on various exchanges around the world.
In the current complex domestic and international economic situation, despite the entire economy into the slow shift period, but China's top 100 enterprises still create a brilliant performance, is a well-deserved national economic backbone. According to statistics, in 2015, the top 500 enterprises to create a total profit of 33548 billion yuan, accounting for all listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen, the total profit (345.63 billion yuan) of 97%, which also means that the remaining 2,000 companies almost no money The 500 total profits accounted for the national GDP (676,708 billion) the proportion of 5%, with a province of Henan GDP, 500 operating income of 223,268.8 billion yuan, accounting for 33% of the national GDP. In particular, the top 100 enterprises are the leading enterprises in various industries, in the level of science and technology, personnel quality, profitability, sustainable management and other aspects are walking in the forefront of the field. In the upcoming 2017, to meet the party's important moment of the nineteenth, the top 100 enterprises are more responsible, but also the ability and confidence to do the main force to revitalize the Chinese economy.
Second, the hundred cities: strong and excellent, is the revitalization of the main battlefield of China's economy
In order to promote the concept of "good and excellent, comprehensive and balanced" urban development, since the beginning of 2015, the Dayton Economic Research Institute has compiled the annual "China Top 100 City Ranking" and organized the "China 100 Cities Comprehensive Development Forum" The
China's top 100 cities list contains economic indicators and non-economic (soft economy) indicators of the two series. Among them, the economic indicators by the GDP and household savings in two parts, and comprehensive consideration of its total and per capita volume, reflecting the city not only to be bigger, but also to strengthen the development orientation. Non-economic (soft economy) indicators by the science and education, culture, health, ecological environment of four parts, but also advocate the city to do excellent, to a comprehensive and balanced development. The weight of economic indicators is 0.618, and the weight of non-economic (soft economy) is 0.382. Compared with the single dimension of the economic indicators, this indicator system can be more comprehensive and scientific measure of a regional political, economic, social, cultural, ecological and other "five civilizations" construction and development level.
Hundred cities occupy the majority of the national economy. According to statistics, the two hundred cities in the total GDP accounted for about 75% of the country's total GDP. Obviously, the top 100 urban economic growth if the increase of one percentage point, the national GDP growth rate is 7.5%. Therefore, the revitalization of the economy hundred cities duty-bound, should be the main battlefield.
Third, double hundred linkage: to revive the new energy of China's economy, the new mechanism, the new normal
Top 100 enterprises are the main force to revitalize China's economy; the top 100 cities are the main battlefield for revitalizing China's economy. Agglomeration of the top 100 enterprise resources focus on the development of the top 100 urban economy, to achieve double hundred linkage development, which will become the revitalization of China's new economic momentum, the new mechanism, the new normal.
How to carry out double hundred linkage? The overall idea is to "good city action" as the theme, the implementation of "one two three four" development strategy, the overall promotion of urban economy, science and education, health care, culture and environmental ecology and other industries a comprehensive and balanced development, and then board a new Steps. Thus, both the creation of new needs, but also to create new supply, so that the entire economy into the revitalization of the "new normal."
"One two three four" development strategy refers to a focus, two guides, three highlands, four major industries. One is focused on the underground integrated corridors and other infrastructure construction as the focus, the two oriented eco-friendly and intelligent city-oriented, three highlands is the science and technology education, culture and entertainment, health care three short board built functional three Highland, the four major industries, one production and research cooperation and development of science and technology research and development industry, the second is the most important, vigorously accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, three is to continue to expand and pillar industries, the fourth is to optimize the transformation of traditional industries.
In 2015, the 15th China listed company 100 Summit Forum and the first China hundred cities comprehensive development forum jointly organized, resulting in a series of urban enterprises cooperation projects, especially in Lanzhou, Chuzhou and other cities and the top 100 enterprises strategic docking With remarkable results.
(1) Chuzhou Branch City. To build a global attraction and influence of the Kechuang transaction center as the core objectives, by the Dayton Economic Research Institute and Forum Organizing the overall planning and organization of China Metallurgical, Shenyin Wanguo and other top 100 enterprises to participate in the construction The The use of Chuzhou convenient traffic location and low-cost advantages, the force of the industry chain in the back-end, gathered in the world-class universities, research institutes of the cutting edge of the results, in this show, trade, and further testing, improve, Will be built at home and abroad well - known SCBD (Kechuang Central Business District).
(2) Lanzhou International Port Area. Lanzhou is an important node of the Silk Road economic zone, and it is also an important industrial base and core transportation hub in the northwest region. Lanzhou International Port Area is an international port area with multimodal transport port function. This year, the Dayton Economic Research Institute and Forum Organizing Committee has organized the relevant agencies and the Hong Kong Port area docking, to participate in the comprehensive construction of the port area to the forum as an opportunity to further organize the top 100 enterprises and Lanzhou Port area to conduct a comprehensive docking Cooperation.
Four, 2017 China Top 100 Forum focus work: focus on innovation, urban enterprises linkage
The new year, China Top 100 Forum will focus on the theme of technological innovation, continue to promote the top 100 enterprises and 100 cities linkage development, to revitalize the Chinese economy to make greater contributions.
1, continue to adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the lead.
May 30, the National Science and Technology Innovation Conference held in Beijing victory, sounded a new horn to enter the new technology. China's top 100 forums will also be through a variety of ways and ways to help the top 100 enterprises and 100 cities in the development of scientific and technological innovation.
(1) initiative to set up a "chief innovation officer". The Forum advocates that listed companies set up "chief innovation officers" to guide the innovation of the entire company and set up "Innovation Committee" or "Innovation and Strategy Committee" under the board to promote innovation and development from the system and mechanism. Forum also initiated the establishment of top 100 enterprises "chief innovation officer" alliance or club, mutual cooperation, Baotuan and domestic and foreign first-class university, scientific research institutions.
(2) close contact with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutions for the top 100 cities, top 100 enterprises to provide more scientific field support. Forum Organizing Committee has been with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Development Center, more than 300 universities in North America, the Technical Managers Association, Peking University and many well-known colleges and universities at home and abroad to communicate, all parties expressed willingness to carry out all- , Multi-field cooperation, including the top 100 enterprises, the top 100 cities jointly established laboratories, engineering centers, technology centers, scientific and technological achievements priority services in the top 100 enterprises, the top 100 urban industrial development. In 2017, we will also establish regular communication and liaison mechanisms with the above institutions.
(3) the Yangtze River Delta linkage, to create scientific and technological innovation industry chain cluster. Recently, we are planning to choose Shanghai Songjiang, Hangzhou Fuyang and Suzhou Taicang and other places, focusing on scientific research and development, incubators and accelerators and other industrial chain front-end work, to create a global influence of the R & D and incubation center, and with Chuzhou Branch of a city construction combined, the two Union, to create a set of scientific research and development, trade, into a complete industrial chain, and strive to this Yangtze River Delta Center for the construction of a national strategy, overall development.
2, initiated the establishment of China's top 100 series of funds.
At the 15th China Top 100 listed companies last year, we set up China's top 100 fund, after a series of talks, has entered a substantive stage of operation. Forum will be joint state-owned state-owned capital operation companies, well-known private enterprises, professional investment institutions, and hundreds of enterprises co-sponsored the establishment of China's top 100 series of funds.
(1) initiated the establishment of China Top 100 M & A Fund. To the industry leader in the top 100 enterprises as the leading, initiated the establishment of China's top 100 mergers and acquisitions fund, the rapid expansion of new industries in the integration of mergers and acquisitions as the main investment areas to carry out mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad to better serve the top 100 enterprises do Big.
(2) initiated the establishment of China's top 100 beautiful city funds. 100 enterprises and the most competitive and income protection of the top 100 cities, initiated the establishment of China's top 100 beautiful city funds, the Fund to green development and wisdom of the city-oriented, with 100 urban infrastructure and public utilities as the object of investment, the focus Investment in underground corridors, science and technology education, health care, culture and entertainment, building a "beautiful city", "make life better."
3, to carry out hundreds of enterprises at home and abroad visit activities
In order to further close the top 100 enterprises and related countries, especially the "one way along the way" along the country's exchanges and cooperation to support Chinese enterprises Baotuan go out to enhance international competitiveness; also to strengthen the top 100 enterprises and domestic hundred cities between the communication Contact, we will organize the top 100 international and domestic visits to promote the implementation of specific projects of cooperation.
(1) international visits. Focus on Australia, China and Australia are important countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with a broad and important common interests, both sides in the economic and trade areas such as complementary strong, great potential for cooperation, key areas of cooperation, including high-speed rail infrastructure, agriculture and mineral resources, Health care, science and technology research and development, tourism and so on. We plan to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with the cities concerned in New South Wales, focus on China's top 100 enterprise resources to focus on the city, for 3-5 years to make its infrastructure and the city a new look New steps. Timely will also arrange Germany, Russia and other countries to visit the activities.
(2) domestic visit activities. Focusing on the selection of Lanzhou, Chuzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Jinan and other cities, to scientific and technological innovation as the leading to the introduction of key industrial clusters as the core, by the Forum Organizing Committee planning a series of projects, gathered 100 key resources focused on the city Project the whole cycle of development and construction, to explore the construction of a top 100 enterprises led, industry, city, Kechuang, financial four in one of the coordinated development of the road.
Storms and sixteen contained, determined to innovation road. Wharton Economic Research Institute and China Top 100 Forum will always adhere to the top 100 enterprises to do bigger and stronger, to serve the top 100 cities do strong and comprehensive, the purpose of comprehensive development, and better play the role of innovation and guidance platform Gather the role of radiation, to revitalize the Chinese economy to make greater contributions.
Thank you for all the top 100 enterprises, entrepreneurs and top 100 cities and municipal leaders who participated in and supported the "Forum" activities, all the experts, scholars and leaders who participated in the "Forum" speech, all participated in the " Forum "of the agencies and people from all walks of life, all involved in the" Forum "propaganda reported by the media and media people.
Finally, let us sincerely thank the times and fate, fate let us live together in the same era. A great time for the Chinese nation to realize the revival in the history of the human world. Let us all work together and develop together so that we can participate together and witness and create the great renaissance of this glorious history, which belongs to the common prosperity of all of us!