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Ji Xiaonan: the new normal new economy contains six investment opportunities

Release Date:2017-03-15

Chairman of the Forum, the State Council State-owned key enterprises of the board of supervisors chairman Ji Xiaonan at the forum entitled "new normal new business under the new investment opportunities," the keynote speech. Ji Xiaonan believes that China's economy is still in the midst of an important strategic opportunity, the new normal new economy contains at least modern construction, national development strategy, regional economic development, infrastructure construction, leading industry group and go out six investment opportunities.
On the six major investment opportunities in the specific meaning, Ji Xiaonan also made the following description.
First, the investment opportunities in the modernization drive. Mainly including urbanization, new industrialization, agricultural modernization and national defense modernization brought about by investment opportunities.
Second, investment opportunities in national development strategies. Important grasp of the three major strategies, that is, along the way strategy, the Yangtze River economic zone strategy, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy to bring investment opportunities.
Third, investment opportunities in regional economic development. Including the development of the western region, the revitalization of the Northeast, the rise of the central, the eastern first and other strategic opportunities, but also including Beijing and other local development planning opportunities.
Fourth, investment opportunities in infrastructure construction. Key points include sewage treatment and recycling facilities, rail transportation, urban underground pipe network.
Fifth, the investment opportunities in the leading industry group. The focus is to expand the industrial development space, expand the network economic space and expand the blue economic space three aspects.
Sixth, go out of the investment opportunities. Focusing on high-speed rail, nuclear power, equipment, construction four aspects. In particular, to strengthen cooperation with 54 African countries, close high-speed rail network, highway network, regional aviation network, infrastructure, industrialization and other "triple play" cooperation.
Ji Xiaonan pointed out that enterprises should actively layout and investment in huge development potential of the industry, including health China, information network, cultural and educational life, new manufacturing, energy saving and low carbon, marine aviation.
Ji Xiaonan finally stressed that the opportunity for everyone is fair and found that the opportunity is very important, but the opportunity is more important, how in the fierce market competition in the upper hand, occupy a larger market, which needs to improve our own operational capacity And its own level. According to the characteristics of the new normal new economy, Ji Xiaonan proposed that entrepreneurs and local leaders have four major capabilities to improve: first, to improve the ability of independent innovation and development; second, to improve the concept of gathering innovative talents; third to be good at Make good use of all kinds of resources; fourth to make full use of modern information technology.